Dimensional Fact Model

  • Useful graphical representation of facts, measures, dimensions, and hierarchies
  • to specify the requirements for your business analytics applications in a formal but intuitive way
  • The best formalism to define the Conceptual Model of a Business Intelligence System
  • supported by a design tool that makes easy to specify all the aspects of the model

Relational Model

  • Transform your Conceptual Model in a Logical Model that satisfies all the requirements
  • make your design choices (eg. use surrogate keys, slow changing dimensions, ...) and let BI Modeler create the relational model for you
  • Customize your relational database model adding tables, columns, constraints
  • if you have to modify your Conceptual Model you can update the logical one without lose your integrations

Physical model and DDL

  • Add physical specifications to your relational model exploiting all the capabilities of your DBMS (Oracle, SQLServer, SAP HANA, Hadoop HIVE, ...)
  • create indexes and partitions; specify parallel degree and file system allocation
  • Generate the DDL script to build the db with all the details you need for your environment
  • customize the script including/excluding primary keys, foreign keys, comments, ...

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